High StandardsInternational Values and Active Citizenship

These core values are embedded in our mission statement and experienced every day by students of all ages, coordinated by an outstanding team of educational leaders and implemented by our highly skilled and dedicated professional staff. Learning at one of our international schools is exciting and engaging, as students strive for excellence in a climate that is caring and responsive to their personal needs and goals.

International perspectives and values


Learning at the International School is an international experience. It leads to a perception of the world that merges understanding of our global context with the development of skills and attitudes that young people require to participate fully in the world of tomorrow, both as national and global citizens. The school community extends to parents and staff and to our network of partners across Italy and throughout the world. We encourage our students to feel part of a dynamic enterprise, committed to development and cultural interaction.

Top class facilities for successful schools in the heart of their community


Each school is uniquely designed and developed in response to its environment and location. Varying in size mainly between 130 and 1 200 students, our schools provide an excellent education for both local and international students. All campuses are extremely attractive, functional and designed around students’ needs and are equipped with libraries, professional science laboratories, creative arts centres, music and music studios and a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. We incorporate technology to support our educational vision and balance between traditional and contemporary skills.

The IB curriculum


The International Schools Group was the first group in Italy to be authorised by the International Baccalaureate to offer all three of its curriculum programmes: Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) Its programmes are internationally recognised for their quality and the innovative approaches. There is a high value placed on learning through inquiry, which engages students to participate actively in the learning process and provides students with the most challenging and rewarding experiences available in schools today.

Outstanding results and a proven track record


In the 30 years since we introduced the International Baccalaureate as a schools group, our results have been consistently outstanding. All graduates have an excellent record of academic success and go on the world’s most renowned universities to study in a wide range of faculties and specialisations. The IB was created for internationally mobile citizens and is recognised worldwide, allowing students an enviable breadth of choices for their future studies and ensuring global opportunities for their future professions. Alongside our international programme, Italian students follow mother-tongue courses that prepare them for the Licenza media level with lessons that are fully integrated into the IB curriculum.

Member of Inspired, a leading international group of 28 schools


Inspired sets a new standard in premium private education with hand-picked teachers and a dedication to excellence that permeates every aspect of each school. Integrating innovative, challenging and enriching academic, performing arts and sports programmes, Inspired’s students leave with outstanding results, a love of learning, confidence and a firm value system that prepares them to embrace the challenges life throws at them in their future endeavours.


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