Thank you very much for your interest in the International School of Como (ISC). ISC offers a flexible admissions policy and welcomes applications for students aged 2 to 14 (Early Years through MYP4/First year High School). From September 2017 forward, ISC will continue to grow and add the second, then third and fourth year of High School (2020 we will complete the full IB programme). We are open to International and Italian families who seek to provide their children with a truly international education with English as the language of instruction. Please see below the Admission Policy requirements.


In general the following age requirements are adhered to:

  • Pre-Kindergarten Students must be 2 years of age to be considered for this programme.
  • Kindergarten Students must be 3 years of age by December 31st.
  • Transition Students must be 4 years of age by December 31st.
  • Grade 1 Students must be 5 years of age by December 31st.
  • Grade 2 Students must be 6 years of age by December 31st.
  • Grades 3 - 6 Students are placed in a class compatible with their age on evidence of successful completion of the preceding grade or year.
  • Grade 7 (MYP 1) and up Students are placed based on a case-by-case evaluation.


ISC accepts children with no previous experience of speaking English up to and including Grade 2 (students aged 6). Beyond Grade 2 (age 6), decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis after an interview with the school Principal.

Students who have no working knowledge of the English language may be accepted into the school on the understanding that, from Grade 3 onwards, they will have to financially support, the tuition for an English as an Additional Language programme for their child. This provision would be a necessity for a minimum the first academic year of their attendance at the school.


Although we do not expect all of our families to be entirely fluent in English, it helps if parents feel competent in the language. School communications are mainly in English - letters, bulletins, reports, meetings, conversations with teachers and helping your children with homework tasks. We therefore stress that at least one parent in each family speaks English.

Students may be offered admission to the school by the Principal when the above requirements have been met and it is evident that the student can benefit from the school’s programme, that the school has sufficient staffing, and programme capabilities to meet the needs of the child.

If the above requirements have been met, please fill out and submit the Family Profile to our Admissions Officer, Ms. Jena Patterson, at This will allow us to prepare for your visit. Following the first interview with the Head of School/Principal, offers of admission are subject to review based on the following:

  • School reports from the previous two years. This applies to Elementary School and higher grades.
  • Teacher/s’ Recommendations Form to be filled out by the student’s current teacher;
  • Any documentation that shows English Language and other subject Assessments.

Each completed application will be treated equitably and priority for entry shall be given to families with siblings already enrolled at the school and international families whose children are fluent in English. All other applications will be processed in strict chronological order and in compliance with the stated Admissions Procedure.


We welcome the opportunity to send you additional information or schedule an appointment to visit. Please fill out and submit the Family Profile to our Admissions Officer, Ms. Jena Patterson, at

This form will provide us with important information about your family so that we may send you the information regarding the appropropriate section of the school and allow us to prepare for your visit.


The Application Process at the ISC is very simple. If you would like to apply for a place, please follow the steps indicated below.

You may also Apply Online



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