We are a welcoming school community in which parents, students and staff work together to provide a stimulating programme, which engages each child in an inquiry based environment. Our students are committed and involved in the life of the school as they enjoy a great sense of community, high standards of teaching and learning and our supportive and well-informed parent body which combine to make our school so special.


Our Parental Advisory Board and Principal work together to facilitate clear communication across all levels.

The IS Group Parents' Advisory Board is the official voice of the parents in school life. Its members are elected from each of the IS Group sections and they meet regularly with the Principals to facilitate communication at all levels.

The Board also meets at regular intervals with the Head and the Board of Directors. Minutes of these meetings are circulated to all families. A summary of the PAB's aims and constitution is available as a download below.

In addition to its formal role in school affairs the PAB works with the Social Committee to organize The Group of International Schools in Italy a number of social events. These range from coffee mornings to evening activities for parents, and they culminate in the annual Gary Turk Fete at the end of May, when the whole IS Group community comes together for a day of fun and sport, with funds donated to one of the ISM's international partners on a cyclic basis.


Strong supporters of our school, the PTA is part of the international community and the families that comprise the IS Group. The IS Group Parent Teacher Association (IS Group PTA) was formed a number of years ago to support the work of the school and to help support and develop the diverse international community within it.


The primary aim of the PTA is to support and enhance the education and all round development of the students of ISM, in particular by encouraging positive and constructive communication and interaction between the school and enrolled families and developing and promoting ISM’s own unique sense of community.


  • Work to develop close harmonious relationships between IS Group staff, parents, students and other relevant individuals or bodies associated with IS Group.
  • Provide an information and support network for new families to the school, many of whom are away from their home countries.
  • To organise IS Group in regular opportunities (both on and off school prem) for social interaction between IS Group families.
  • To use any funds the IS Group as part of the PTA’s activities to provide additional activities or benefits for IS Group students and the school community as a whole.


As part of our international vision, IS Group has established partnership projects with schools in other parts of the world. There is no common criterion for becoming a partner except that the two members involved both gain from getting closer together and the global vision of alternative perspectives and worldviews is enhanced in our educational programme. All of the partnerships involve exchanges of people as well as ideas, although some of them are restricted to exchanges between teachers while others are also open to students.

Besides our partners, the IS Group is linked with thousands of other schools all over the world through membership of professional associations or through our common curriculum – the International Baccalaureate.

This is a summary of the main international organizations with which ISE is involved with:


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