We firmly believe in the importance of the development of one’s own mother-tongue and, for many of our students, this means Italian. For students native to Italy, or who intend settling in the country long-term, this includes mother-tongue lessons as well as preparation for the Quinta Elementare (in Grade 6) and Terza Media (in Grade 9) examinations, which are sat at local partner schools. Much of this preparation is integrated into our IB programmes of study, with some additional specialist lessons in Grades 6 and 9.

"The school offers Italian programmes for both mother-tongue and non-mother-tongue students throughout the entire IB continuum."

Our results in both of these state examinations are truly exceptional and add further weight to the argument that the IB programme offered by us prepares students well for other systems thanks to the transferrable skills it develops. As for the Maturità€, our students do not sit the Italian Esame di Stato as the IB Diploma offered by us has full legal equivalence to this qualification from the Italian Ministry of Education, allowing students to access the Italian university system with ease. Non-native students, on the other hand, take Italian acquisition courses throughout their studies with us, to the extent that even these students often graduate from school as fluent speakers of Italian, too. In parallel to these Italian acquisition courses, we also encourage students to continue studies in their mother-tongue language.


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